How it works

Here at Promedia, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that great videos are no accident. Great planning makes for a great product. That’s why we put our heads together and built a roadmap for our clients that makes the production process simple and straightforward and ensures you get a video that meets your needs and stays under budget.

The Process

Creative Development is the essential planning phase to any successful video. It’s not enough to simply create a video with great visuals and effects anymore. Today’s audiences are bombarded with media and you need to stand out. There are 2 key goals your video must meet. First it must engage your audience at an emotional level. Whether it’s B2C or B2B your viewer is human, and the ability to invoke emotions through sight and sound is what makes video such a powerful tool. Second, it must transmit your core message effectively. We listen to your input and offer solutions based on our experience and your needs.

Our team offers the following as part of our development package:

  • Concept Development – Creating the message and approach
  • Storyboarding – Creating pre visualized scenes
  • Script Writing – Turning copy into the video script
  • Casting – Finding and sampling the best on screen talent
  • Location Scouting – Choosing the best locations based on aesthetic and technical considerations
The concept is developed, the storyboard and script is complete and the logistics are planned. Now it’s time to shoot the video. Whether it’s animation, live action, or a combination we work fast and productively saving you time and money.

Some of the tools we can use are:

  • Digital HD video cameras of various resolution
  • Specialty lenses with broadcast specifications and large apertures for selective depth of field as needed
  • Lighting packages with LED for less heat on the talent
  • High quality location audio such as wireless laws, shotgun microphones, Booms
  • Camera stabilizers, supports and rigs
  • Green Screen staging on location
We have state of the art editing suites with professional editing software and powerful computers. We assemble the footage, add music, sound affects and record voiceovers per script. We also can produce high quality 2D and #d animation. The initial video is uploaded for your review. Once all requirements and you are totally satisfied with your video we deliver the finished video.
But that’s not all. We also offer optional online video marketing services. Each video can be measured for viewer retention, audience reaction, and overall effectiveness in your campaign using the best analytics tools and our experienced professional.

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