Allentown Productions - Universal City, Ca
American Dairy Association - Columbus, OH
City of Germantown
Clear Creek Christian Church
Crown Point Productions - Delray Beach, FL
Dayton Power and Light
Entertainment Unlimted
Heartbeat of America TV - Malibu, CA
Henny Penny Corporation - Eaton, OH
JBA Advertising
Just Better Soap - Lebanon, OH
Kettering Foundation
Manning, Salvage and Lee - Los Angeles, CA

updated on 11-15-08
*All clients in the Dayton, Ohio area unless noted

Miami University - Oxford, OH
Meadwestvaco Corp - Glenn Allen, VA
Miami Township
Miami Valley Hospital
Miami Valley Womens center
Mike Turner Campaign
National City Mortgage Company
National Composites Center
National Distance Running Hall of Fame -
  Utica, NY
Pay Source - Escondido, CA
Portland State University - Portland, OR
Premier Health Partners
Reclaiming Futures
Samaritan Health Foundation
The Schupp Company - St. Louis, MO

US Bankruptcy Court
Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn and
  Dial - Atlanta, Ga
Wilson National Real Estate
Wright State University